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Labor Union of the Group Company Launched A “Golden Autumn Scholarship” Activity
Source:MCC20 Author:Department of Party-Masses Work Date:05 November 2018

Labor Union of the Group Company Launched A “Golden Autumn Scholarship” Activity

At the beginning of a new school year, the Group Company launched a “Golden Autumn Scholarship” activity for children of the Company’s staff in special difficulties, in order to help them go to school successfully. 41 outstanding students met the qualification for scholarship in this activity, among which 15 high school students received 2,500 yuan per person, and 26 college students received 3,000 yuan per person. 115,500 yuan of scholarship was distributed in total.

The activity started from the last ten-day of July. Scholarship shall be applied by individual. Local union conducted a survey on school enrollment situations of the needy staff’s children by looking up the archives of needy staff, visiting home and other approaches. The union tried to make clear all situations, making every effort to prevent the children of needy staff"s family from being out of school because of tuition fees.

The group company pays high attention to the activity of helping and supporting staff in special difficulties. In addition to staff helping activities organized on New Year’s Day and Chinese New Year, the company also provides timely help to staff suffering from sudden illness and accidents in daily life, which makes the helping and supporting project more regular and systematic, and relieves the pressure of the needy staff in production, life and medical treatment, etc. The needy staff could feel care and warmness from the organization and the company. The “Golden Autumn Scholarship” activity is the further extension of the helping and supporting project, which supports the future of needy staff’s children, and let them feel supported by our company during the process of growing up.

(Reported by Hou Caifeng, Department of Party Work)

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