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Zhang Gangyu, Vice General Manager of the Group Company Visited Leaders of MCC Malaysia Ltd.
Source:MCC20 Author:Department of Party-Masses Work Date:05 November 2018

Zhang Gangyu, Vice General Manager of the Group Company Visited Leaders of MCC Malaysia Ltd.

On August 23rd, Zhang Gangyu, Vice General Manager of the Group Company, and his delegation went to Malaysia to visit Zeng Tengfei, General Manager of MCC Malaysia Ltd., Yi Xiaofeng, Vice General Manager, Chen Mingbao, Contract Manager, and Zhu Chunyong, Project Execution Manager of the company, as well as Duan Yanjun and Wang Chenglong from China MCC20 Malaysia Development and Construction Co., Ltd. took part in the meeting.

First, Zhang Gangyu congratulated MCC Malaysia Ltd. for its performance in the Malaysian market. Then, he introduced the exploration situations of China MCC20 in overseas market in recent years, especially its outstanding performance in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Algeria and Saipan, etc. Finally, he expressed his hope that MCC20 and MCC Malaysia Ltd. could give play to their own advantages, and strengthen their communication and cooperation.

Zeng Tengfei extended a warm welcome to Zhang Gangyu and his delegation, and introduced the good performance of MCC Malaysia Ltd. in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Johor, Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Sarawak and other places in Malaysia. He expressed that due to government transition and function alternating, the whole construction market was affected to some extent; besides, with more and more Chinese companies joining the market, profit of the construction market has also dropped. In the future, MCC Malaysia Ltd. may take more part in the construction of national infrastructure projects. Since the construction and management abilities of China MCC20 are strong, it is hoped that cooperation and mutual benefits could be realized with the opportunity of such projects.


(Overseas Engineering Technology Company  Reported and photo taken by Duan Yanjun and Wang Chenglong)

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