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Launching Ceremony of the 2018 "Quality Month" of the Overseas Company Lanka CEP Project
Source:MCC20 Author:Department of Party-Masses Work Date:05 November 2018

Launching Ceremony of the 2018 "Quality Month" of the Overseas Company Lanka CEP Project

On September 3, 2018, Lou Jianjun, the project manager of Central Expressway Project (CEP) in Sri Lanka, organized the launching ceremony and signature activity of the 2018 "Quality Month", which was attended by all the management personnel of the project department.

According to the Notification on Launching the 2018 "Quality Month" (Z.Y.J.A.Z. [2018] No.31 Document) of the Group Company and the CEP Project "Quality Month" Planning Program, to actively respond to the Company"s "Quality Month" themed on "Implementing fine strategy and boosting high quality development", the CEP Project Department decided to carry out the event of one-month "Quality Month" from September 1 to September 30, 2018 combing with the actual situation of the project. The CEP Project Manager Lou Jianjun stressed in the event launching ceremony that everyone should actively respond to the call of the State and the Group Company on the "Quality Month" to make rational plan, positively organize and conduct the corresponding "Quality Month" activities; further enhance the awareness of quality management through a series of activities related to the event; strive to improve the project quality with the "Quality Month" activities as new starting point, thereby comprehensively enhancing the brand and image of overseas corporate.

After the completion of the launching ceremony, all the participants solemnly signed their names on the theme banner and hanged the Propaganda banner of "Quality Month" on the construction site of the subgrade test section, marking the official launching of the 2018 "Quality Month" of Sri Lanka CEP Project.

   (Overseas Engineering Technology Company Reported by Ding Minghe and Yang Liqiang Photo taken by Meng Xuanyu and Shen Xingwen)

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