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The Last Section of the Embedded Steel Beam of Back Cantilever 2 of the Overseas Company's Waterfront Project Was Successfully Installed
Source:MCC20 Author:Department of Party-Masses Work Date:05 November 2018

The Last Section of the Embedded Steel Beam of Back Cantilever 2 of the Overseas Company"s Waterfront Project Was Successfully Installed

On August 25, 2018, the last embedded steel beam of BD2 Back Cantilever-2 on the 25th floor (103m) of Sri Lanka waterfront project was successfully installed.

The Back Cantilever-2 (BC2) is one of the four cantilever structures of the BD2 building of the project, which is located between 2.24 axis and 2.28 axis, and between 2.H axis and 2.J axis, with the cantilever length of about 9 meters and the width of about 19 meters, a total of three floors, the total engineering quantity is 105 tons, of which the pre-embedded engineering quantity is 13.8 tons. As the cantilever at this place is small and the length of the cantilever is short, the method of integral hoisting of the main truss is to be adopted. Therefore, the pre-embedded connecting plates need to be very precise to ensure the accurate installation of the external truss. The project department starts with such aspects as quality, progress, safety, and while the civil Engineering is carrying out cross-construction to speed up construction schedule, the project department has completed the high-intensity work such as installation, measurement, welding, flaw detection and acceptance in a limited time, and strictly controlled each process to ensure the quality of the installation.

The successful completion of BC2 pre-embedded work has provided valuable experience for the next stage of construction, and laid a solid foundation for the follow-up work.

(Overseas Engineering Technology Company Reported by Hua Qianli Photo taken by Fu Yude)

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