The service concept is the basic belief and value standard defined for a company to establish ideal customer relationships and win customers" loyalty, and also the basic beliefs and guidelines that employees should follow when engaging in service work. MCC20 is a large-scale construction enterprise with special-grade qualifications for large-scale integrated general construction contracting. In the process of service for the Owner, MCC20 upholds the spirit of taking the users" interests as the starting point. From perspectives of construction, management and quality, each link has been established with scientific and sound security system, to fully guarantee the interests of the Owner. Only professional companies can provide high level of service. The powerful technical strength, scientific management and good reputation have laid the basis for providing good services to the Owner. “Choosing MCC20 is to choose rest assured.” This is a promise that MCC20 staffs are full of confidence. It also reflects the meticulous service spirit of MCC20 to the Owner.

The establishment of internal responsibility system of one level responsible to immediate upper level, and the one level making the immediate upper level rest assured ensure the implementation and fulfillment of the service concept of “Choosing MCC20 is choosing Assurance”.

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