The guiding principle of this definition is the "integration principle," which can be supported only by teamwork and inspire the participation of all staffs in the company. It is the driving force for forming the sense of belonging.

"Carrying Forward Teamwork Spirit" contains profound meanings. It requires that the MCC20 staff shall have the dedication spirit featuring down-to-earth, love and respect for work, and selfless struggle; and demands that the MCC20 staff shall have spirit of courage and self-satisfaction; the MCC20 staff are required to have professionalism and loyalty. Team spirit is a kind of noble realm created by the construction of corporate culture, the basic guarantee for the Company's progress and development, and profound overview of the Company's core values. The incorporation of team spirit into our core values tells our staffs that as the staff of the company, no matter from which perspective to pursue their own ideals and happiness, we must firstly proceed from the overall and collective interests: wholehearted devotion to public duty, selfless dedication, and sincere solidarity, and concerted efforts.

“Realizing Personal Value” further emphasizes the importance attached by enterprise to people. The Company can not do without people and must respect people. In turn, each staff must respect the common value of team spirit. The staffs and the Company constitute the community of interests, which on the one hand must reflect the people-oriented of the environment created for staffs by Company, and on the other hand, the staffs must abide by the common values of the Company with objective of the company growth.

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