The ideological orientation of setting this maxim is the principle of pursuing ideals and values: the principle of excellence. The pursuit of excellence equals the pursuit of innovation, while the pursuit of innovation is the ever-lasting vitality of the enterprise. The enterprise spirit is mostly applied to the interior. This spiritual idea reminds us that the greatest enemy is not others but ourselves. Therefore, the enterprise spirit emphasizes a kind of revitalization, which expresses the enterprise spirit and the striving will in a refined language, and forms striving slogan of motivation and positiveness.

The enterprise spirit is highly refined manner of corporate behavior and subsistence. An enterprise can only exist in its own service mode if its behavior pattern is effective. This spirit should always run through MCC20 behaviors and enable corporate collaborators and even corporate employees to truly feel its existence. As a large-scale construction enterprise, the process of cooperation with the Owner is a challenge to them. Based on this belief, we must demand that our employees be proactive, progressive, and enterprising. With a high-holding spirit of the times, we must demonstrate full will of challenge.

The refinement of enterprise spirit into concise language facilitates the general employees to gain recognition and consensus so as to motivate employees to have confidence in the future of MCC20 and to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees. Meanwhile, its penetration function causes formation of consistent will and goal among all levels of the company, between various departments, and between the cadres and masses. Sense of trust and sense of belonging to the company come into being and are further transformed into strong centripetal force and cohesion.

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